rob! Rob!! ROB!!!

We have a LTJG waiting impatiently for your desk!

I might, take me golfing again & throw me another party.

Okay, but, that is 6 or 7 times in the last couple months (hummph).


I ain't quite sure what happened but the IOs were taking
Rob (aka LT Robert Louis Seale III) out for a final morning
duffers' trip & it has exploded into a fiasco.  But, as life is
good on the bayou, we have figured out how to turn it into
a fun type of fiasco.

I told you that to tell you this. 

All hands (you and yours) are all invited to Mendy's & Jim's
Friday afternoon & into the early evening for refreshments &
a sandwich. 

I told you that to tell you this.

Bring your own almost everything = drinks, food, chairs, ice chests etc.  We
will furnish the charcoal & charcoal pit and the condiments (for you Ops
types = that means ketchup, pickles, mustard, etc.).

RSVPs are unwanted & unacceptable = come or don't, no one really cares.

Clickable maps with destructions to our place our on our web site which is
at the link at the bottom of this e-mail.



Fiasco Renovated Part 2

Follow-up to invite = THE RULES:

1. You do not have to stop & pay & or check in at the bait shop when you come in;

2. We are still recovering from Lili, especially the parking lot (from the 6-foot storm surge). Park where you are comfortable BUT do not block driveways or the boat landing (or each other);

3. Show-up time is whenever you want AFTER 2:00 p.m.;

4. Leaving time is whenever you want before Monday morning;

5. No old people jokes allowed (Mendy says except about Jim & Rob);

6. Inspector, VTS, Admin, & PortOps jokes are encouraged;

7. No one has ever told a funny attorney joke so donít waste our time telling one; and

8. Every Dr. joke is funny.


Jim & Mendy


Shortest deyamm par 4 I have ever seen.
Think I will use my pitching wedge on this one.

NO ROB - You are pointing the wrong way.  Look at the squirrels!

Bye the way, that is your last barley-pop!!!!!

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