This is our little secret

I am passing this information to you ONLY 
because I know you will keep it a secret.  We gotta 
enough deyamm Yankees down here now without recruiting more.  
I have no idea how Rand McNally Road Atlas found out 
Mendy was back here but she is obviously the reason this place 
was named the "Best of the Road".  Buck probably let them know.  
She almost singly-handily supported him during crawfish season 
with her take-outs (Buck’s is 3 minutes from our ranch).


J Wilsawn

Morgan City has been named among the "Best of the Road" 
by editors of the 2003 Rand McNally Road Atlas.

The editors feature several sections of the country every year 
as a new publication comes out. This year, Morgan City 
is highlighted along the New Orleans-to-St. Francisville 
route in the 2003 edition.

On the road atlas’s website,
the area is described:

"These swampy lowlands are known for great seafood. 
Forget that frozen-to-fried stuff: here they serve it fresh, 
boiled and packed with Cajun spices. Locals head to Buck’s 
in Patterson (just west of Morgan City on U.S. 90). No menus, 
no plates, no utensils — just a huge plastic bucket of boiled 
mudbugs (the local term for crawfish) to peel and eat right on 
the paper-covered table.

"Deep in the Cajun bayou country, this port at the mouth of the 
Atchafalaya River is home to a thousand fishing boats, charter boats 
and workers in the offshore oil industry. The town celebrates its 
twin bounties from in and under the sea during the annual Shrimp 
and Petroleum Festival held in September.

"You’ll find plenty of opportunities to fish the Gulf of Mexico or tour the swamps. The Swamp Gardens and Wildlife Zoo features 800-year-old cypress, a natural habitat zoo of swamp dwellers and life-size dioramas of Atchafalaya Swamp history. At Turn-of-the-Century House, built in 1906, you can see Mardi Gras costumes and antiques. The bells at the 9.5-acre Brownell Memorial Park and Carillon Tower ring out every half hour amidst a beautifully landscaped setting of native plants."

Further, a link to learn more about Morgan City reveals:

"From New Orleans, head southwest on U.S. 90 to the town of Morgan City. The ‘Black Gold Rush’ began here in 1947 when the Kerr-McGee Rig No. 16 struck offshore oil. Tour the ‘Mr. Charlie,’ a working offshore oil rig that serves as a training center and houses the International Petroleum Museum (at the intersection of the Intracoastal Waterway)."


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