Post Retirement Golf

Jim & Ronhill do Broken Pines for the
1st and Last Time

$57 & as the scores indicate, the course wasn't that good 

A Blast from the Past?????

From:  Rod Walker

To:  Jim Wilson

Hey Jim,

I went golfing the other day and I had a flashback of sorts. After a drive of 275 yards on a par 5, 540 yard hole, I hit my 9 wood 195 yards and it lands just 70 yards from the green.  I pulled my trusty 13 wood out to lob my ball over the water and onto the green. went right into the water.  I ended up with a seven on the hole.

Needless to say, I chased a few golfers off the course with my language.

All was not lost as I did get 4 bogeys, two pars and one birdie, along with my 5 eights, two sevens, and 4 double bogeys for a score of 103.  All in all, it was a good golf day since I had not golfed for over 5 months.

While I am not soliciting for a new golf page, I figure that I can at least keep you apprised; I do want a place to record my hole in one.  ( one my birdie on a par three, I was only four feet from the hole on the tee shot- I have never been that close before)


rod walker
ps: I am a plankowner



I can understand why you hadn't golfed in 5 months.  The people in Port Arthur had looked at your web page on my web site and wouldn't let you on any courses.

Also, if you shot a 7 on a par 5, you must have used up all 18 of your mulligans on that one par 5.




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