FROM:  Jim & Mendy Wilson

To: Every Coastie in Louisiana

Cc...Jason Boyer in Ketchikan, Alaska 

Subject: Life is good on the bayou – and it is time to celebrate that fact

The IOs are inviting you and yours to the Wilson ’s Saturday from noon to whenever–the directions are attached.  This is not an RSVP type event.  Either arrive at some time or don’t show up at all, the IOs are blasé about your materialization.


The IOs are celebrating something – maybe that Tim Tilghman left the IO shop or maybe that John Luff joined the IO shop or maybe neither.  Possibly this is Jason’s going away party?  Maybe it is Tee’s going away party?  Who cares, be there or be square!


The grills will be going so bring a hunk of cow or pig or chicken if you wish.  The condiments (for you non-IOs, condiments are ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce, salt, pepper, butter, mayo, and other such things J) will be furnished.   Paper products will be furnished. 


Your job = BYOB & also bring a dish if you’d like.


Events include fishing, swimming, paddle boat riding, bumper pool and gossiping about the people that aren’t there. 


There may be prizes for the fishing if we can get Jim Fayard off his wallet.


Life jackets for the tiny ones are in order. 








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