Nic-She's Letter of Recommendation

Leadership Potential Outstanding -- I have never seen her in a professional leadership position but she pushes her husband around exceptionally well & has even been known to tell me what to do.

Openness to Diversity Average -- I have noted Nicole hanging around with pasty-white people on occasion.

Openness to Change Below Average Everyone that knows her has tried to get her to change with no success.

Responsibility Outstanding When we are together she is always responsible for everything that goes wrong.

Collaboration Unable to Observe

Professional Potential Doubtful, but Unable to Observe

Quality of Work Unable to Observe As much time as we have spent together, I have never really seen her do anything that approaches any type of work of any kind.

Ability to get work done Doubtful, but Unable to Observe (Please see Quality of Work)

Professional Demeanor Unable to Observe

Judgment and Common Sense Below Average She will spend $50 on gasoline to save $15 on a purchase.

Social and Emotional Adaptability Above Average I have seldom seen her socialize but I have seen her very emotional.

Cooperativeness Outstanding She is totally cooperative once one agrees to do it her way.

Initiative Unable to Observe I have never, ever, seen her take the initiative on anything.

Problem Solving Ability Outstanding Whenever there was a problem, since she was the cause of the problem, she easily solved the problem.

Attendance Below Average When planning a trip it is necessary to predate the actual time by at least 2-hours in order to assure she will be on time.

Dependability Outstanding She can be depended on to always do the same thing (whether good or bad) under all circumstances.

Conduct Average Conduct is fairly good when she is not on the sauce.

Integrity Above Average Almost always tells the truth.

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