February 2003
Subtitled: The Most CG Inspectors Ever 
Seen Together Outside of an Office Without
a Crawfish Pot in Sight

Teri & Tom & Mattie Buy their first home

They think they are home owners

What they really are is Mortgage payers

 From:    Brown, Thomas CWO 

 Sent:      Thursday, February 06, 2003 07:51

 To:        MSO Morgan City Inspections; MSO Morgan City Investigations

 Subject:          party  

 Greetings to all, Teri, Mattie and I would like to invite everybody to a

 moving party starting at approx 9:00am on 22 Feb. We will be moving from

 Bayou Vista to Patterson on Jason Dr.  After the moving is completed we

 will have a burger fest at the house.  Jim Wilson has agreed to monitor the

 cooking and the beverage cooler.  I don't know if that means he is going to

 watch somebody else do the cooking, or consume the contents of the other


 As it stands, we think we have at least a few trucks, three trailers and

 three dollies (David, that would be the kind with wheels that you move

 things with).  

 We will provide all food and beverages after we are done. If you would

 like something special, drop a line or an email and we will try to

 accommodate. David, that means that your neighbor doesn't have to make



 Thanks in advance, 

 Tommy Brown
 Inspectagator Extraordinaire

Moving out

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