Jim’s Lazy Man’s Scrambled Eggs

Eggs (take the shells off most of the eggs)

Put eggs in bowl (microwave bowls work best, see below)

Add a little milk (makes the eggs without shells fluffy & milk won’t 
hurt the eggs still in their shells)  

Put the tiny hot dog pieces into the bowl with the eggs & the milk

Beat everything in the bowl till fluffy (careful with the eggs that still 
have shells on)  

Put the bowl (the one with the eggs, milk & tiny hot dog pieces in it) 
into the micro-wave 

This is IMPORTANT: Run the microwave (the microwave with the 
bowl in it – the bowl with the eggs, milk & tiny hot dog pieces in it) 
at high power for short periods of time – stirring in-between starts 

When the eggs (the eggs in the micro-bowl with the milk & tiny hot 
dog pieces in it that are in the microwave) appear they are about to 
firm up for eating, STIR IN Velveeta cheese in amount desired (usually 
2 slices per 6 eggs) 

Then, run microwave (the microwave with the bowl in it – the bowl 
with the eggs, milk, tiny hot dog pieces & RECENTLY ADDED CHEESE) 
on high for very short periods until eggs reach the eating consistency you desire