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Jim & Mendy & Dolly & Rich & Ike & Linda &
Russ & Patrick & Capt Sandy & Joann

Grand Isle Bridge, LA = Looking for Black Drum



August 8, 1999 Crystal, Glenn, Jim, Mendy = Glenn's Beach










Date: 8/25/99 9:28:07 AM Central Daylight Time

From: Dave Mong (CMong@msdhouma.uscg.mil)

To: Mendy


Hi how's it going? Just got back from Alaska, one of these days I'll trap you and the old man and make you watch the video. I need help with your E mail. I'm sure its operator error on my part but I can't open the object. How about resending it and let me give it another try. Tell Jim I saw Richard while I was there and he took me fishing for salmon, I guess not catching fish really is genetic cause he can't catch them either. Had a great time and he did help us out with what to use later in the trip and we murdered them. I even have pictures on the way to prove it. The Wilson network is alive and well. See ya soon.



Glenn's Bow Fishing Flounder = August 99

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency goes fishing in NON navigable waters of the United States. The EPA Jim is just getting ready to put his bait on the hook. Hook it thru the tail Jim!

USCG Jimbo,

Did I show you the some of the results of my fishing trip to Northwest Ontario? Anybody that wants the name address of the outfitter, send 'em to me. Great fishing. Really remote location--float plane takes you about 300 miles North of International Falls, MN. Northern lights are spectacular. You want to put this on the home page---go ahead....just don't claim that was your Cajun ass holdin' the fish!


EPA Jim James_Mullins@MSN.com

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