Pats' Fight Song 
(Tune: "House of the Rising Sun")

There is "The Big House" in New Orleans
They call the Super Dome
In the past when the Pats played in 
the Super Bowl
It was like a Boston funeral home

The Bears once beat us badly
Our QB was more than scratched
Then it was the Packers
Desmond Howard we could not catch

Well, a curse has followed Boston
Ever since we dumped "The Babe"
But now that the Pats won this Super Bowl
I believe we'll have it made

Experts said about St. Louis
Beat the Pats, the Rams they should
But I believe in miracles
Cause God is really good

The Sox will win the Series
The Celts, the NBA
The Bruins will win the Stanley Cup
All we need to do is pray

So, mother, tell your children
Not to root for Beantown teams
Deluded with dreams of grandeur
Just 60 miles from New Orleans

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