Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:59:56 EDT

Subject: Dear Mendy:

Hi, I feel like I know you. Before you think this is someone really strange (well, I'm a little strange) I wanted to let you know that I was a yeoman up at district with my good buddy Hazel back when your hubby was there on tour #1. We all enjoyed having him in the office very much and found out right away he was a special person that made all the Coast Guard fol-de-rol more sensible than it was written to be. Now Hazel tells me about this web site of y'all's and I have had the best, best time going through it - though by no means am I done - lots more. I am so happy for you two as I can tell you are the gal for him. I just loved the opening picture with the love and obey stuff. I wish you tons of good things to come for the retirement days. You have, I can tell, both worked hard for it.

With admiration for you -

Seamond Roberts

former YN2


LT Jim Wilson swears in CG recruits Son Jimmy & Daughter Lisa



You Gotta Be Kidding, There Are 2 Of Him?????



Glenn Trapp, Non-CG Boat Driver, Scott Stewart, 
Ted Lampton (Pictures by J. A. Wilson)



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