U.S. v Richardson

Jim heads to Mobile AL for a trial = 1st Week March 2000



We meet the Cruel Step Mother at Klinner's with her itty-bitty RV without 
a boat on the back = Lisa Klinner sends us out in the woods 
to hide us from her friends & neighbors

While Jim work's his Arse off, the ladies relax between shopping trips

Jim breaks his leg leaving the Klinner's and is now looking for a good attorney (Does anyone know a good attorney? Is there such a thing as a good attorney?)

Mendy breaks the RV before leaving Mobile.
$500 later, Jim has the RV fixed.

"Let us go fishing" (says Jim under his breath)

Maybe the Brawands (most of them, even the weird Patriarch) from Louisville KY will meet us at Lake Martin, Alabama.

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