Jim: Hey Hon, It's Sunday, March 19, 2000. Whachya wanna do?

Mendy: How's about heading to Dauphin Island, Alabama. Maybe Aunt 
Elaine & Uncle Rick (aka A.R.) will be there.

Man, that would be great. I have been dying for some of Aunty's 
(pronounced Ountee's) home made Chicken Pot Pie. Mmmmmm!!! 
Can't wait.

Sure enough, they are here.

Great, nice to see them again. Let's get to bed early so we can enjoy the 
island tomorrow and have Aunty's home made Chicken Pot Pie. 
Mmmmmm!!! Can't wait.



Rick: I think I might be able to get a 2-for-1 discount on the Grand 
Casino's $6.95 buffet if we use up $32 worth of gas going to Biloxi, MS.

Jim: Good idea Rick, let's go!

Aunty: And we will be back in time for me to make home made Chicken Pot Pie.

Jim: Mmmmmm!!! Can't wait.


Aunty: Well, I think I will relax tonight & make the home made Chicken Pot Pie tomorrow night.

Jim: Mmmmmm!!! Can't wait.


Jim: Well, the blizzard is over, let's go for a boat ride.

Aunty: Good idea & home made Chicken Pot Pie tonight.

Jim: Mmmmmm!!! Can't wait.










Lookee Rick, an old fashioned Iowa snow fence washed up on the beach!


Aunty's first use of the Simplee Playzure's head. The boat is rocking, hope she doesn't get pee sick.


What does that sign say? "Use if need"?

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