Joann & Sandy Come See Us'ns
April 2002

From Sandy

To Mendy

Mendy:  You are very lucky.  Kodak sent me a brand new camera, 
no questions asked.  Shipped it overnight air, with a return label to 
send my defective camera back.  Why are you lucky?  Because I was contemplating a lawsuit against you - I was parked in your driveway 
when the damage occurred ... and you surely did not have any 
warning labels in your driveway when I parked there.

Jim:  On the other hand, you aren't so lucky with respect to the 
serious back injury I sustained and the damage to my van that resulted 
from your negligent failure to take the wheel of my van from me and 
then forcing me to drive you home while I was under the influence of pain medication
() supplied by your wife.  (Don't worry Mendy, I would never sue you ... no amount of money could ever repay you for your kindness ... or your crawfish Creole!)

Eating, Fishing, Eating, Boating, Eating, Golfing, Eating, 
Shopping, Eating, 
Sightseeing, Eating, Visiting,
and not enough resting

Socholay, Bream, Bass, Catfish, Gaspagoo, Gar.
Quit counting @ 50.  Averaged one fish in the boat per minute.

Sandy's 14 3/4 inch Bass
2nd biggest fish as Mendy caught the biggest
but it was a Gaspagoo & we thru it back

Crawfish by the bunches

Mendy learned to boil them

Joann learned to purge them

Sandy already knew how to eat them

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