In response to all of you who keep asking how Mendy 
became a Two Brit (Brittany) Broad Ė we hope this e-mail 
will satisfy you and slow down the continuous e-mails on 
this subject.


Mendy bought Jim a retirement hunting dog = Lagniappe.  
Then we adopted Flush when we were in MN last fall (2000) 
pheasant hunting.


Flush was Jimís dadís (may he rest in peace) and Jimís cruel stepmotherís dog. 
Flush has interstate acclaimed pheasant hunting abilities, but Flush also has his personality problems.  We have been awoken by some strange noises when it is storming.  We (we being Mendy) found Flush through the curtains and on the dash trying to get out the windshield at 3 a.m.


We (we being Mendy) have spent some long nights soothing him (and drugging him) during storms.



Now that we have adopted him, we have some questions:


1.  Is he Jimís son or brother?
2.  Is he Mendyís brother-in-law or son?
3.  Is he Jimmyís & Lisaís brother or uncle?
4.  Is he Kellyís & Peterís uncle-in-law or brother-in-law?
5.  Is he Whitneyís & Tuckerís uncle or great uncle?
6.  Is he the cruel stepmotherís son or grandson?


Oh well, it is a Cajun thing. 



Also, due to the advance notice Flush gives us on incoming storms, we are trying to hire him out to the Weather Channel.




Jim & Mendy


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