Jim's Nostalgic Iowa Hunting Trip

& Mendy's Midwest Shopping Excursion 99

Jim's Diary = Looks Like THIS

Mendy's Comments = Look Like THIS

On the road again -- Old Jim & Mendy & Lagniappe & Albert & Wendy can't wait to get on the road again.*

*(Sung to the tune of Old Jim & Mendy & Lagniappe & Albert & Wendy can't wait to get on the road again.)

DAY 1 (Tuesday, November 9)

Jim heads to work transiting from West Bank to East Bank. @ 1530 = Jim is checking out of New Orleans, Louisiana, legal office for Wednesday's medical appointment at Keesler AFB in Biloxi, Mississippi. An e-mail comes in saying JIM be in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, on Wednesday November 17 to take the stand as a witness in a Special Court-Martial. (Hmmmmm!). Back to West Bank.

Jim & Mendy head out in 34' RV. Back to East Bank and on to one of their favorite campgrounds (the parking lot at the Keesler Air Force Base hospital).

Jim fails to mention he first has to stop at the office to get his winter uniform jacket because he got so excited about going to Wisconsin that he forgot to bring it home. Not only did we stop at the office but he had a hard time getting in. Then we thought we might have to sleep in front of the federal building because the RV wouldn't start, what a way to start a trip.

DAY 2 (Wednesday, November 10)

Noon = Medical appointment concludes. Jim says, "Mendy would you like to see SNOW?." Mendy says "Yep!!!!" = POINT the 34' RV north. Made it through Mississippi and into Tennessee. Back to West Bank @ Memphis. Slept in a truck stop in Arkansas.

Stopped at the commissary and found Jim's favorite Filipino dish, LUMPIA, in the frozen food section. Do I buy or not, yep why not. Cooked a bunch up that night and Jim was dancing on air. His only question was how many boxes did I buy.

DAY 3 (Thursday, November 11)

Outta Arkansas and transit Missouri. Ooops, back to East Bank at Quincy, Illinois. On to Hamilton, Illinois, to spend the night in Mr. & Mrs. Convening Authority's driveway.

Where is the SNOW Chris & Kim?

(Photo by Mendy)

And Mr. & Mrs. Convening Authority make Jim watch E. R. (1st time ever & hopefully last time ever!!!)

 Mendy appears excited about Jim watching E. R.. (For the 1st time ever & definitely the last time ever!!!)

Jim starts towhen ER ends


Chris cooks GOAT EARS for supper. (Delicious Chris Thanx!*)

*Chris, just kidding = Great Chicken & Rice Casserole = Thanx, we'll be back for more!!!!

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