Jim & Mendy's Labor Day 99 Week Long Trip

Jim's Diary = Looks Like THIS

Mendy's Comments = Look Like THIS

DAY 1 (Friday)

LTJG Michele, Esquire, leaves early. Jim dumps all of his
work in her in-basket and tells the CAPT and CDR he has
taken care of all his work and expects pre-leave liberty.

Jim & Mendy make it to their favorite campground
(Wal-Mart in Morgan City) without an argument.  In fact
Mendy reaches for Jim's hand and holds it.

DAY 2 (Saturday)

Jim wakes up at daylight and walks all 3 dogs. Mendy
wakes up several hours later and thanks Jim cause the
coffee is ready (2nd pot).

Electric window quits working (Jim broke it!). Stop at
rest stop. Mendy takes door apart. Jim fixes window
with W-D40. Mendy doesn't put door back together

(Jim said, "take these little things off and unscrew the
screw then pull" yea right.)

Blow-out on Interstate 10 at Ronoake, LA. Jim finds
someone to mount spare tire.
(He didn't mean this

Leesville LA = Alternator & RV quit. The Electronics
Attorney jury rigs RV engine to run off Onan generator.
Continue towards goal.

Arrive at Toledo Bend Army Campground.

Put boat in water. Unbelievably, boat starts on 1st try.
(had to drop boat & boat trailer, load everything into the
RV, go to the camp site unload, return and hook-up the
boat trailer so we could launch, long steep ramp, unhook
boat trailer and hide it in the woods, go to camp site.)

Mendy spills oil while gassing up boat. Army threatens to call Coast Guard. Jim says, "I am the Coast Guard." and gives them the NRC hotline 1-800 number and Mendy's name & social security number. (Mendy had help spilling oil!!!)

Park RV & hookup. (Great job of parking = impressed all the men in the camp ground, Mendy did all the driving & parking & all the setup & other work!!!!) Jim says if they would have trained THEIR wives correctly, they wouldn't have been that impressed with my wife.

Mendy & Jim take dogs for a boat ride. Jim lets dogs out on nice looking beach. 3 dogs cover themselves with mud and romp in Mendy's clean boat. Mendy yells at Jim. Mendy pushes Jim over the side.

Not true. Jim JUMPED overboard to get away from me!

Jim doesn't set up satellite TV.

Jim requests grilled steak for supper. Jim fixes himself bologna sandwich for supper.

It wasn't as bad as he makes it sound. I offered to help him fix his bologna sandwich.

Mendy doesn't like anyone in camp sites on either side of ours. She really, really doesn't like the one camped behind us.



DAY 3 (Sunday)

Jim wakes up early & walks all 3 dogs.

Jim makes coffee.

Mendy eventually wakes up.

Mendy begins threatening neighbors.

1100 = Jim decides to fix electric trolling motor.

1300 = Mendy goes to nearest Wal-Mart for new electric trolling motor.

1400 = Jim tries to mount new trolling motor.

1500 = Jim can't get old trolling motor mount off boat.

1600 = Neither can Mendy.

1605 = Jim is crying. US Army responds & helps. Jim eventually finishes job with help of large hammer.

Neighbors begin to pack-up.

Mendy tells them to pack faster.

Jim & Mendy install new trolling motor.

Jim doesn't set up satellite TV.

Jim beats Mendy 7 games to 6 in Gin Rummy.

Jim requests grilled steak for supper. Jim gets left-over spaghetti for supper.

DAY 4 (Labor Day Monday)

Jim wakes up early & walks all 3 dogs.

Jim fixes coffee.

Neighbors disappear except for Mendy's favorite one camped behind us.


Mendy wakes up.

Mendy threatens neighbor camped behind us.

First fishing line enters water.

20 fish caught (21 if you count Mendy's big crappie. Jim didn't catch any crappie. Jim decides we were bream fishing & doesn't count Mendy's big crappie.)

Break time.

Another 14 fish caught in the evening.

Jim pays Mendy for 1st fish.

Jim sets up satellite TV.

Jim requests grilled steak for supper. Mendy grills him a hamburger (are we making progress here or what?)

DAY 5 (Tuesday)

Jim up at dawn.

Jim makes coffee.

Mendy announces the other 3 days were a 3 day weekend. Hence, this is her 1st day of vacation so "Leave her alone!!!"

Jim nags Mendy.

Mendy & Jim are fishing by dawn:30.

Tilt & trim quit working with outboard motor out of water. (Mendy did not go to Wal-Mart for a new 90 horse outboard boat motor.)

Head towards camp using new trolling motor.

Miss turn. Spend time wondering where we were at.

Eventually make it back to camp.

Camper behind us leaves. Mendy tells him not to return.

Not true. I told him I wouldn't welcome him back.

Camper behind us asks Jim to please give him advance notice of where we are going next time we go camping. Gives Jim his phone number and insists Jim call him collect.


1200 = Jim & Mendy & Albert & Wendy & Lagniappe have whole campground to themselves = GOOD WORK MENDY. (What Jim doesn't know is that Mendy has been paying people to leave.)

Jim requests grilled steak for supper. Mendy grills him ribs (are we really making progress here or what?)

1500 = OOOPS!!!!! New campers show up while Mendy is napping. Jim meets them. They ask "Is Mendy still here?" I say "Mendy who?". They state that since we have the only other camper here, and Mendy may be in it, they are gonna camp as far from our camper as possible. I tell them that if Mendy is still here, that won't help them.
The male new camper came down to the lake as we were launching the boat. I may have called Mendy by her name or else the Campground had her picture up, either way, he went back up to his camper and he and his wife set up their satellite antenna and got in the car they towed in with them and left.

DAY 6 (Wednesday)

Jim up at dawn.

Jim makes coffee.

The Electronics Attorney and the Mechanical Housewife jury rig the outboard motor's tilt but can't fix the trim. Outboard engine working fine but don't dare to go over 20 mph without the trim (still much faster than the electric trolling motor). Finish jury rigging it just in time for the all day storm to move in.

Gin Rummy = Jim 4, Mendy 3.



Once everyone's line is in the water, everyone owes a quarter to the 1st one to catch a fish.


Mendy is up getting ice for the cooler. Jim puts her line in the water. Jim then casts his line and catches a fish.

Jim says: Mendy owes him a quarter.

Mendy says: She didn't put the line in the water.



Storm gone with 1 hour of daylight left. 18 fish caught this day (counting Mendy's little crappie).

All 3 dogs get showers in the campground showers.

The new (and recently departed) camping neighbors return in their car, enter their camper and won't come out. (Said they needed more money to stay away!)

Jim requests grilled steak for supper. Mendy fixes shrimp and French fries (are we getting her in line OR what?)

Lagniappe barks at neighbors. Neighbors ask "Is that Mendy?"

DAY 7 (Thursday)

Jim up at dawn.

Jim makes coffee.

Jim walks all three dogs.

Jim notes neighbors have left again. This time they took their RV & left their car.

Mendy wakes up and claims she was up before Jim and tried to talk him into going fishing but he wouldn't get up (yah sure).

Bumper pool fishing. Bouncing from one tree top to another in 30 ft of water. 25 fish in the morning. This is great fishing. Once you get into the trees, you can shut everything off and listen to the stereo & catch fish. You don't care which direction the wind is from. The wind knocks you into a tree - the tree is like spring loaded, it kicks you back 5 feet while the wind heads you in a different direction (as you listen to the stereo and catch fish).

DAY 8 (Friday)

Mendy up way after dawn.

Mendy makes coffee.

Jim still in bed.

Jim finally gets up and Jim & Mendy go out for Hazel's fish. Stop fishing after 35 fish.

Break time.

45 more fish that evening.

Mendy cleans fish (she really does use Joy to clean fish!)

Jim fries fish.

Jim shares fish fry leftovers with Lagniappe.

Jim has - Umm stomach problems - that night while trying to sleep.

Jim questions using Joy to clean fish. Mendy convinces Jim that his - Umm stomach problems - were Busch related.

DAY 9 (Saturday)

Jim up at dawn.

Jim makes coffee.

Jim walks all three dogs.

Mendy up.

Jim says let's go fishing.

Mendy states, "Hey lad, let me tell you why I let you come over this way, and it ain't for fishing!!!!"

Jim & Mendy trailer up boat & head to the DeRitter RV dealership.

One block out of campground gate Lagniappe has major - Umm stomach problems.

Jim starts wondering if you should really clean fish with Joy.

Mendy finally pays Jim for his days of 1st FISH

Drive thru many Love Bugs. Jim cleans windows when leaving Toledo Bend. 2 hours later

Jim says, "Can we go fishing now?"

Mendy says "Yah, fat chance!!!" HERE IS WHERE WE ARE GOING!!!


The Casino RV Lodge says "Are You Mendy? "M-E-N-D-Y?"

Mendy says "Yep".

Casino RV Lodge says "The Mendy that spent last week at the Army Campground at Toledo Bend?"

Mendy says "YES".

The Lodge says, we want to thank you for chasing all those Toledo Bend campers this way last week.

The Lodge says "Mendy, if you don't yell at our customers, you get a free night!".

Mendy says, "I'll try."

Free night at the CASINO = Thanx Mendy.

Jim Requests Grilled Steak for Supper

Jim gets Grilled Steak for Supper = $60.00


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