Onan graduation ceremony August 22, 2000

Followed by a reception featuring Vodka, Canadian VO, 
and Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert

Jim, T. J., Ike, Mendy

This is to certify that James Allen Wilson and Malinda Burnett Wilson attended and successfully completed a two week self-certification course on the Onan Emerald III 6.5 Kilowatt Gas Operated Generator at PLAYTYME RVs, 1415 Hancock Street, Gretna, Louisiana, under the most grueling of environmental conditions, from about Monday, August 7th, to about Friday, August 18th, 2000 a.d.

This course included, but was not limited to:

Removal of the generator set from a Pace Arrow 34' RV

Diagnostics of all generator stators and windings

Daily raspberry iced tea preparation                 Customer phone communications

Removal, diagnostics and reinstallation of the saturation transformer

Bridge rectifier diagnostics         Parts gofering         Oil changing

Removal, diagnostics and replacement of the spark plug wires

Removal, diagnostics and replacement of the spark plugs             Bounced check collection

Removal, diagnostics and replacement of the condensers

Removal, diagnostics, and replacement of the points         Commercial web page updating

Construction of a 6.5 Kilowatt bench test variable load bank using hot water heater elements

Ignition coil diagnostics             Oil filter changing

Removal, de-carbonization and reinstallation of the cylinder heads

Unnecessary purchasing of duplicate frequency meter             Frequency measurement

Governor adjustment         Diamond ring purchasing         Air filter removal and replacement

Using own personal funds to fill gas tank on an empty commercial parts-run vehicle

Reinstallation of the generator set in a Pace Arrow 34' RV

This certification is a self-certification and shall be deemed worthy of the value such self-certification may be determined to be and no more or no less. This certification is not individually divisible. Neither graduate is competent to perform Onan toil apart from the other graduate. Both graduates must be present in body and in mind during any Onan maintenance evolution or this certification shall be null and void, till death do they part.

As witnessed:

Mr. T. J. 
Class Monitor 
Mr. Ike Sterling
Chief Instructor


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