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on July 9, 2013

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Jim's Absolutely Free  

Saturday Swamp Tour 

Bring your own drinks & snacks

Featuring a Designated Driver at the Wheel 

the guests

the sights

food & fun @ gros

The driftwood man's house



 Jim's Brag Wall


The Apple Doesn't Fall Far from the Tree

the XO & His In-Laws & Outlaws Attack Bayou Mendy

The Fish were hitting at the Wilson's on Saturday May 18, 2013

Ask Brad & Tami 

Brad & Tami Came Back

on July 4, 2013

Miscellaneous House & Wet Deck Pictures


Miscellaneous  Wet Deck Pictures





Our Trip to Monopoly Town  & Back

via South Carolina both ways







   The License Plate Game


Atlantic City   


  South Carolina

RN Kelley Performs 

Medical Malpractice on 

Her Saintly Mother-In-Law



Under Construction      Texting


Katie's Icy Stare

Chief Wortman & Clan & Kin Finally Visit 



Where's Curtis?

Senior Chief James Dixon, USCGR Retires


March 2011 

Sandy & Joann 

Susie & Chile

Robbie & Kids

August 2009

Coast Guard Day 2009  

July 2008

the Fords & Their Inlaws & Outlaws  

Jim & Mendy  

Mark & Becky & Gang  

Luis & Rosa  

 July 29, 2009

Marine Safety Unit Morgan City Logistics Party

July 27, 2009

Marine Safety Unit Morgan City Investigating Officers

July 2009 = Happy Birthday Barbara - You don't look a day over 30

A RECORD -- Sunday, July 5th, 2009 - 9 to 5

Bass, Bream, Sac-A-Lait, Striped Mullet, Catfish

100 Fish Caught on the Wet Deck

Mendy, Justice, Patty, Joey

The 100 Fish Gang


July 28, 2009


July 4th Weekend 2009

Patty, Joey, Justice & Tim Esquire Visit

Doc & Shelly

June 27, 2009, IO Party on Our Bayou

July 28, 2009

June 2009 Jennifer & Greg

May 2009 - Patty & Justice Visit

May 2009 - Peggy & Gene Visit

Chester's Cypress Inn

March 2009

Jim & Mendy

Fishing with Fayard & Ashlyn

March 2009

Jim & Mendy

Fishing in Our Bayou

March 2009


Fishing in Our Bayou

Jim's Court

February 2009

February 2009

Laura & Herb & Herbie  

January 2009  

Kay & Eddie Visit

August 2008 

Petty Officer Dahl & Petty Officer Dahl & Kila Visit

Our Dogs & their visitors

Motorized Floating Lawn Chairs for Our Bayou

July 29, 2006, Party on Our Bayou


Jimmy, Kelley, Whitney, Tucker & Kay Visit Our Bayou

 Wet Porch Misc Pix

Ray's & Nina's Anniversary Present to Mendy & Jim = a Photo Album of Our Bayou

You are invited to a Mortgage Burning Party on Our Bayou

Mendy Got Her Home on Our Bayou

It Snowed on Our Wetdeck for Xmas in 2004

July 4th 2004 Mostly 
On Our Bayou :-)

July 14th, 2004, On Our Bayou with the Browns, Hawes, Lil, Wallers & Someotherbody

Sandy & Joann = on Our Bayou in February 2004

Xmas 2003 On Our Bayou

 Of Our Bayou Pixs

the Prime Directive

Jim's Brag Wall

Misle School in NOLA - September 20 & 21, 2006

August 19th 2006 Biker Gang Party at Nina's & Ray's

August 4th 2006 Party at Nina's & Ray's

MSO 2004 Xmas Party

December 16, 2004 - Office Xmas Party on the Wet Deck

November 2004 MSO Golf Tourney - We Lose Again :-)

A Warbling

Captain Stephen P. Garrity

On the Water with Some Inspectigators

October 2003 With the Kepharts

October 2003 Linda & Her XO & Her Clan are a DISASTER

October 9th 2003 ALJ Archie Boggs Retires

August 2003 with NicShe's Kin

August 2003 Linda & Her XO & C-Pops take a Wax Lake Familiarization Boat Ride

April 2003 - Another CG Golf Tourney

Easter 2003 = Showing Desert Rats to Cajuns

April 2003 Another d8dlo comes to visit


February 2003
Subtitled: The Most CG Inspectors Ever 
Seen Together Outside of an Office Without
a Crawfish Pot in Sight

Feb 02 - Good Bayou Life = d8(dlo) McNally & Her Michigan Yankees

2001 MSO Xmas Party

Squirrel Run - New Iberia, LA - November 9, 2001

rob! Rob! ROB!!!

a Gaggle of CWOs Celebrate Getting Old

Nick-She & Nick-He & Kin Came for an Airboat Ride

Tom's Xmas Doe

Bayou Barb & Beaux Visit

Malingering 4 Sure

the YOUNG d8dlo is coming to town

2000 Jim Retires

26 States Celebrate Jim's Retirement

THE Wetting Down - July 23, 1994

AirSta Kodiak, Alaska-1975-78
1.  AT2 & C-130 Navigator (Now Retired LCDR) Jim Wilson
2.  Jim's Young Red-Headed Dependent Brother (Now Retired Senior Chief who turned down Master Chief) Mike Wilson
3.  Baby Jimmy (Now MK1) Wilson
4.  Baby Lisa Wilson (Now AET3 Dahl)

Jim's Various Old Coast Guard Pictures

 Of Coast Guard Pixs

Just Jim


Jim's Brag Wall

Jim's Coast to Coast College Endeavors

Jim in the Navy - 68 to 71

Jim in the Philippines - 68 to 71

Jim in the Newspaper Business 71-75

Jim in Kodiak AK - 75 to 78

Jim's 20th Century Hunting Pictures

Jim's 20th Century Fishing Pictures

Jimís Double Quick Egg Sandwich

Jim's Lazy Man's Scrambled Eggs

Jim's Best on the Bayou Oyster Stew

Close to the True Story of HOW we ended up back in Morgan City & back on the Wax Lake Bayou

On the Same Wax Lake Bayou - November 92 to July 1996

the Home Place - 92 - 96

Sue's Bait Shop, Beer Bar, and Boat Landing

Van's Floating Alligator Hunting Camp

An Alligator Hunt to Teach Daughter Lisa How to Alligator Hunt

Daughter Lisa's Alligator Hunt - Yes, that is Jim Skinning that Gator

Belle Isle Louisiana

Great 92-96 Bayou Pictures

THE Wetting Down

Jim's Cajun Proposal & Our Wedding & 2 State Receptions

Mendy Graduates from Young Memorial

April 7, 2007


Best Freshwater Fishing Lure in the Universe = the Little Blue Thingy





We be in a Cotton Pickin Fix

Rod's Golf Pages on Jim's Web Site

Dave's night visitor/partner

Linda and Robin do Louisiana

the YOUNG d8dlo is coming to town

Malingering 4 Sure

  Pictures that Need to be moved

October 2003 = Life is so good on the Bayou

Goodbye old Duck-Weed-Infested Stinky Pond

July 2003 = Mom & Cathy & Mike Visit

Susie & Dave Visit

June 2003 - Grandkids Visit

Not Mendy's New House

Niece Stephy Visits

January  2003 Chasing Quail Buds in Taxis

Patty's 2002 Xmas DUCK

Xmas 2002 on the Wax Lake Bayou

Mendy Surrounds Hurricane LILI

Mendy is Featured in Rand McNally AGAIN

Quelling a RIOT in Our Bass Pond

Jim's New Dog House

GREAT 2002 Pictures

July 2002 Sure Was a Good Month on the Bayou

the Sac-a-lait Were Jumping in the Boat

  Jimmy & Kelley & the Grandkids Came to See Us

   Kris & Glenn Stopped By

the Flood of June 2002

How can you beat May 2002 on the Bayou?

Lester's New Boat & Jim's New Boatshed

Bet the Yankee Power Companies Don't Have Equipment Like This

Joann & Sandy = April 2002

the Flood of April 2002

Life is SURE good on the Bayou - January 2002

Rich & Mike Visit

Mendy Grooms the Brit

Everyone Got New Toys

November 2001 - Life is good on the Bayou - But there are way too many fantastic people & subjects on this page = they Need to Be Separated Eventually

Thanksgiving on the Bayou - 2001

A New Carpet in Our Living Room at the Wax Lake Home Place

Post Retirement Golf - Jim & Ron Hill at Broken Pines in 2001 with an E-mail from the Rod Walker

Broken Down FOR THE LAST TIME GuarOwnTeed This time in Georgia

South Carolina


Our Last Week in South Carolina - So Sad

Beautiful Lake Greenwood - Our Home

Retirement Golf in South Carolina

  We be in a Cotton Pickin Fix

T-Ball by Tucker James

Whitney's 9th Birthday

Whitney Graduates 3rd Grade

Mother's Day 2001

Father's Day 2001

Easter Egg Hunt 2001

Easter 2001 on Freeway Road

July 4th 2000

Father's Day 2000

A New Parquet Floor in the 34 footer

Kelley's Birthday 2001

Memorial Day 2001

Xmas 98


We spend the fall of 2000 chasing critters around SW Minnesota

Flush - Our Latest Addition


Jim Proposes

Our Wedding

Xmas 2000

Xmas 99

  the Chicken Tree Ranch 1981 to 1986

Living in Belle Chase, Louisiana 1996 - 2000

Naomi Drive

Casino Camping

Retirement Seminar

We Retire and Leave Naomi Drive

Lake Arthur, LA - Summer 2000

Playtyme RV's

Jim and Mendy Graduate from College - Summer 2000

Tickfaw River

Toledo Bend

Lake Charles, Louisiana & the Burnett Bunch

Uncle Alvin's Crawfish Horse

July 4th, 2001

A Bunch of Brunetts in the Bait Shop - July 2001

Alvin & Edith have a Tornado - October 16, 2001

Alvin's & Edith's Hunting & Fishing Ranch July 2000

Jimmy's and Roberta's - July 2000 

Our Favorite Campground

July 4th 1999 with all the Kids & Grandkids

Mendy and Her Pals

Malinda and Her High School Classmates

Multi-Generations of Burnett Pictures

Visiting Alabama

The Holts and Wilsons at Dauphin Island

At the Klinners's & Joann's Spring 2001 Lake Martin Fishing Trip

Visiting Iowa

Iowa 1999- Jim's Hunting and Mendy's Shopping Trip

Visiting Kentucky

The Louisiana Golfers Take on the Kentucky Golfers 
on Their Blue Grass

Visiting Mississippi

Russell's Cotton Gin - Inverness, Mississippi

Visiting Missouri

Branson, Missouri - 1999





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Memorial Day 2002 at Nancy's in Mobile

RANDY - Mendy's Single Son-in-Law

Everything is Broken - Glenn Trapp to the Rescue

Daughter Lisa's Defunct Coffee Cart

Mardis Gras

Pictures Without A Home - So Sad